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Honey Monster Septage Receiving System

The automated Honey Monster® Septage Receiving System, based on our proven Auger Monster® screen, allows cleaner handling of septage truck waste by reducing and separating unwanted solids such as rocks, rags, clothing, plastics and other troublesome trash.

An optional ‘MonsterTrack’ metering and billing control system is available for monitoring septage flow and providing accurate billing information for the facility and the haulers. The system is based on a card reader or digital key pad for security, in combination with a flow meter and plug valve.

Product Features

Easy Access, Pivoted Auger

  • The auger is mounted to a pivot support for easy inspection or removal
  • A forklift or crane can lift and swivel the auger and screening trough out of the tank

Advanced Screening and Dewatering

  • Auger Monster screen removes unwanted solids, such as rags, clothing and debris
  • Patented dual compartment compaction zone provides significant additional dewatering

Dual Shafted Grinding

  • Maximizes surface area of solids for better washing and compaction

Triple Zone Spray Wash System

  • Washes soft organics off captured solids
  • Ensures optimal throughput while minimizing odors

High Level Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Regulates flow for optimum performance
  • Baffles prevent overflow conditions

Optional ‘MonsterTrack’ Control System

  • Card or PIN access for security
  • Printed transaction receipts
  • Data stored on compact flash media
  • Ethernet / SCADA capable



Model Screenings Capacity (m³/h) Flow Capacity* (m³/h)

2.55 m³/h

(227 m³/h)

* Flow rated with clean water


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О Компании

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