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Drumscreen Monster

The Drumscreen Monster™ is an internally fed fine screen ideal for removal of small debris using woven wire mesh panels. With the 0.25 – 2mm openings, this fine screen removes all unwanted material from the flow. The external spray system washes soft organics back into the waste stream for biodegradation through the membrane bioreactor (MBR).

This new process greatly reduces solids loading and fouling of the MBR. Previously, MBRs were subject to fouling with even the smallest particles. Eliminate the particles and saves the membranes.

Drumscreen Monsters also function as the main screening system at your headworks or can be used to remove debris from sludge. Combine it with theScreenings Washer Monster® and the end result is less clogging of downstream equipment and ultra-clean discharged screenings.

The internally fed Drumscreen Monster is an excellent choice for these applications: MBRs, headworks, sludge screening, sludge dewatering and temporoary screening applications such as bypass pumping.


Product Features

Fine Screening

  • 0.25 – 2mm panels allow a higher capture rate of solids and protect delicate downstream processes
  • Panels are available in woven wire or wedge wire for the finest screening
  • Also available in 2, 3 or 6mm perforated panels in stainless steel or UHMW
  • Stainless steel drum holds the panels and can be removed from the frame for inspection and maintenance
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) has speed control to handle a variety of flow rates

Enhanced Cleaning System

  •  External spray wash jets help ensure the screen remains clean and clear from the outside in
  • Adjustable timer system to set ON and OFF times for the spray wash system

Ease of Maintenance

  • Easy to lift hinged access covers
  • Each panel and drum section is easily removed
  • Control panel alerts operators of screen overload
  • Support wheels include sealed and shielded bearings with an auto lube system

OPTIONAL – For use at the headworks:
Screenings Washer Monster°

  • Washes, dewaters and compacts screenings
  • Dewaters screenings up to 50% or more
  • Reduces volume of screenings up to 80% or more
  • Lower disposal costs and improved landfill acceptability



Screen Size – Wastewater Flow Rate GPM (l/s)

Drum Size – (m)

0.25mm (60 mesh)

0.5mm (35 mesh)

1mm (18 mesh)

2mm (10 mesh)

0.6 x 0.9
350 (22)
383 (24)
499 (31)
661 (42)
0.6 x 1.2
484 (31)
529 (33)
689 (43)
913 (58)
0.9 x 1.2
614 (39)
672 (42)
875 (55)
1,160 (73)
0.9 x 2.4
1,229 (78)
1,345 (85)
1,750 (110)
2,319 (14
1.2 x 2.4
1,536 (97)
1,681 (106)
2,188 (138)
2,899 (18
1.2 x 3.6
2,304 (145)
2,521 (159)
3,282 (207)
4,349 (274)

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